Portugal’s World Cup Group A Qualifying Schedule

The 2022 World Cup qualifying draw for Europe was completed on Monday, December 7 in Switzerland.

Portugal is in Group A with Serbia, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Azerbaijan. Qatar was included but those matches do not count in the standings.

Group A
March 24: Portugal x Azerbaijan 19:45 (WCQ)
March 27: Serbia x Portugal 19:45 (WCQ)
March 30: Luxembourg x Portugal 19:45 (WCQ)
September 1: Portugal x Ireland 19:45 (WCQ)
September 4: Portugal x Qatar TBA
September 7: Azerbaijan x Portugal 19:45  (WCQ)
September 9: Portugal x Qatar TBA
October 12: Portugal x Luxembourg 19:45 (WCQ)
November 11: Ireland x Portugal 19:45  (WCQ)
November 14: Portugal x Serbia 19:45 (WCQ)

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