2Liga Nacional Becomes First Portuguese Club to Resume (Strict) Training, Details Available

Nacional, a second division club in Portugal from the Island of Madeira, will resume training on Monday at Choupana, per A Bola.

The club says it will respect the local pandemic edict and that it is in their best interest to get their players in shape in what will be a strictly controlled environment.

However, the training will not be traditional with the entire team.

Only two players, each on one side of the pitch, will train individually starting at 10am. Only half of the team will show up Monday, while the other half will train on Tuesday. The session with two players at a time will last one hour.

The team has set up the following strict rules: players must check their temperature at home in the morning before they leave and send a screen shot to the team before leaving for training. They must also confirm that anybody they are living with have no symptoms.

Upon arriving, they will have their temperature checked again. The actual training (behind closed doors) will feature the manager and member of medical staff within social distancing wearing a mask. The players will not come in any contact with any other staff or players.

After each two players finish, the area will be cleaned and disinfected. Only indispensable staff will be located inside the facility.






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