A Podcast talking about the latest news and happenings in the Liga NOS, 2Liga and Seleção.

Special emphasis on Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting CP.

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Podcast: Big 4 (SC Braga) in Portugal? Is it time to eliminate Big 3 Pundits on TV? Will FC Porto & Sporting sell many players? Will Benfica bring many new players? (21:44)

Saturday, August 1

Podcast: Taca de Portugal Final is next Saturday, August 1. Previewing Benfica x FC Porto. Carlos Carvalhal to Flamengo? Big News at Santa Clara. Remembering the Figo Transfer to Real Madrid. Let’s discuss. (18:32)

Friday, July 24

Podcast: Jorge Jesus: Will Part 2 Be Better? What Happened to Aves? Will FC Porto Field Their Best XI Against SC Braga in Final Match Day? Sporting Battles for Third (21:13)

Friday, July 17

Podcast: Will Jorge Jesus Return to Benfica? Are Big European Clubs Noticing Ruben Amorim? Will Porto Wrap Up Title This Week? EURO 2016 Memories (20:41)

Friday, July 10

Is Sporting CP the favorite to win the Liga next season? What happened to Benfica? Benfica & FC Porto finally agree on something that could help Portugal. Let’s discuss. (18:49)

Thursday, July 2


Lage on the Hot Seat. Is Pochettino, Emery, Marco Silva or Jesus the best choice for next Benfica Manager? Is Ruben Amorim the best manager in Liga? Let’s discuss. (17:13)

Friday, June 26

Is this the weakest Liga NOS competition in years? Why are Benfica and FC Porto struggling? Why a special congratulations should be sent to Liga NOS & Federation. Let’s discuss. (15:11) 

Friday, June 19

Bruno Lage is on the Benfica Hotseat, can he survive the season if results don’t get any better? Is the Champions League Final 8 coming to Lisbon? Happy Portugal Day Weekend! Let’s discuss Week 26 about to finish and 27 to come (Correction in Podcast: FC Porto play Tuesday not Wednesday) (13:11). 

Friday, June 12

Who is really in 1st Place in the Liga NOS – Benfica or FC Porto? Why is there so much confusion? Another ugly attack (Benfica Bus) in Portugal. Why the whole world will know about it. The Champions League Final 8 in Lisbon? (12:38)

Friday, June 5

Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting CP Ready to Play? Champions League Final in Lisbon? Will Fans Be Allowed This Season in Stadiums? (12:42)

Monday, June 1

Maritimo Wants Some Fans in the Stands. They Have Some Good Ideas, But Can it Work? Should Liga Stadiums Use Fans Sounds Such as What Bundesliga is Doing? Let’s Discuss (11:04)

Tuesday, May 26

What is the good news, the bad news, and ugly stuff about the released Liga NOS Schedule that will start on June 3? Why are there so many matches Monday to Friday? Is 13 stadiums too much? Why visiting Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting CP museums are good for you. Let’s discuss. (12:15)

Friday, May 22

Portugal life is resuming slowly as the country opens up and Liga NOS is no different as teams continue training hard to prepare for June 4.

Are Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting ready to start the season? Should Maritimo’s Stadium be used? Will free over-the-air Portuguese TV broadcast Liga matches? Let’s discuss. (13:32)

Tuesday, May 19

Bundesliga Returns! Portuguese Stadium Controversies. Why Don’t Big 3 Teams Want to Play in Other Big 3 Stadiums? Why was Liga NOS Start Date Moved to June 4? (13:28)

Friday, May 15

Podcast: Will Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting CP get to play in their own stadiums? Why were some players upset at health protocols? Should positive cases cancel resuming? (9:39)

Tuesday, May 12

Podcast: Will Luz, Dragão, Alvalade Stadiums be used to finish season? Lots of anger in 2Liga. When is the next summer transfer market? (11:45)

Tuesday, May 5

Why is Resuming the Liga the Biggest Marketing Opportunity Ever for Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting? Who thought of the Idea for just the Big 3 Club Presidents to Meet the Prime Minister? Schedule Details Discussed in this podcast. (12:07)

Friday, May 1

Why is the Taça de Portugal at risk? Big Meeting with Prime Minister on Tuesday. What will happen? Lots of Positive News To Discuss.  Here are some thoughts. (10:48)

Monday, April 27

Sporting CP has started restricted training. SC Braga starts on Monday. Benfica and FC Porto next week. Portuguese Health Authorities to announce protocols for resuming later this week. What will they require? Here are some thoughts. (11:24)

Saturday, April 25

How about a Benfica x FC Porto playoff to decide the Liga champion & champions league direct group berth? UEFA has opened the door to the idea. Some thoughts about it.

Thursday, April 23

Latest Liga Resumption News, Possible Transfer Market Problem, What Happens if Season Doesn’t Finish?

Wednesday, April 22

 Liga Deadline to Finish Set for Early August. Can that work? How about a 27 Week Season in 2020-21?

Wednesday, April 1

Monday, March 30

Latest News, When Will Liga Re-Start? Is Spain’s Deadline to Finish By Late June a Good Idea for Portugal?

Tuesday, March 3

Did Sporting CP beat Benfica to Ruben Amorim? What happens if the Coronavirus impacts the Liga?

Saturday, February 29

Bruno de Carvalho Wants to be Sporting CP President Again? How long will Silas last as manager? Would Pedro Martins, Abel or Jardim want the job? Check out the latest podcast 9. 

Thursday, February 27

January 27: Podcast: Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United Appears Confirmed

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