G15 (Non-Big 3 Clubs) Want Relegated Teams To Get Financial Compensation

The G15, which involves all the clubs in the Liga NOS, except Benfica, FC Porto or Sporting CP, held a meeting Thursday in Vila Nova de Gaia, per a report by Lusa.

They regularly meet on issues for smaller clubs and one of their ideas discussed was the need to give clubs that get relegated financial compensation

This idea began when Gil Vicente was promoted, via the courts (Caso Mateus), making the need for a third team to get relegated this season. The G15 wanted to help that third team get compensation. However, the idea has since been enlarged to now include all the future teams that get relegated.

Relegation to the second division, besides already being a disappointing situation, also puts these clubs in a division with a much smaller revenue opportunity.

The G15 also wants to implement a new governing model for the Liga before the next elections.





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